Dr. Coleman has an exceptional ability to mentor individuals with diverse backgrounds. she took the time to listen and to understand my goals despite her very busy schedule. She even went further to check up on me on a regular basis to ensure that I stayed on track with pursuing my career goals. There are lots of people who can encourage and motivate but when you meet someone who not only does that but who also follows up with you regularly, that to me is unique. I always joke with my friends that if you’re not dedicated to achieving your goals, do not share them with Dr. Coleman because she will hold you accountable.

Valerie. N

Berthina is a woman of value and substance. Her ability to see potential in people is a true gift. To me, she has been a friend and a mentor. She has this unique ability to see the areas of your life that she believes she can offer help with and relentlessly commits to see you to success. Her one unique and most valuable quality is, she is there and available when you need her. She does not stop until the work is done. Her life experience as once a student and now a working mother provides her with the insight to understand many situations the average woman faces. She is a resource full of guidance in the areas of medicine and nursing and a blessing to know. Any investment of her time in your life will not go unfruitful. I speak for myself when I say, I learn something new each time I speak with her.

Nina N.

I have known Dr. Berthina Coleman for 20 plus years. Her friendship and leadership skills have always been a major part of her relationships with others. She has been a pivotal force of reasoning behind most of my educational choices. Dr. Coleman has a niche for advising people based on their personalities and hobbies, as to what their best educational or career options should be. She is passionate about mentoring others.

Sheila S.

I met Dr. Coleman in spring 2012. At the time she was in medical school with my sister – Texas Tech in Lubbock Texas. Back then we called her Tina. Tina was my sister’s study partner and before meeting her, my sister had nothing but wonderful things to say about her “study buddy.” Dr. Coleman and I became further acquainted at church, where she learned about the obstacles I was facing as I began my medical school journey. Unlike most, Dr. Coleman encouraged me to think a little out of the box. She taught me not to get so caught up in the process but to focus on my goal because there were many roads to take me there. What blessed me the most during my time with Dr. Coleman is what I call her “Go Mentality.” Each time she mentored me, not only did she show me how to resolve the issue, she taught me how to be initiative and take action. Hence I was able to grow and became more proactive and – GO! This mentality has carried me through my medical school and is still with me as I match into a residency program. I could not be grateful enough. THANK YOU DR. COLEMAN.

Suella N.

Dr. Coleman (or Tina as she prefers to be called) was very clear and honest about the route I needed to take in order to fulfill my purpose of becoming a physician a reality. I was skeptical at first as I’ve spoken to PLENTY of admissions counselors, student advisors and the like about getting in. I found her to be honest and to the point. It was valuable information and I believe time-saving in the long run. I just got back from visiting a medical school and feel confident over-all.

Jessica O.

The expertise was superb. I felt great and will be coming back for more. Berthina is very passionate about what she does and wants to see you get to the next level. I have outgrown my current shoes!!!!! This is eye-opening.

Yolande E.