About Us

CNA TO MD is a business that mentors, assists, and guides those interested in a healthcare career specifically a career in medicine. It provides guidance independent of constraints faced secondary to gender, race, class, or education. We want to provide some direction and assistance as you embark on your personal journey to medicine. Today’s class of medical doctors are amongst the most diverse we have ever seen in our country and in the world. For the first time, there are more women matriculating into medical school than there are men. Also there is a greater number of minorities enrolling into medical school than ever before.

It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 45, whether you have a GED or a PhD, if you have an interest in Healthcare we will help you realize your goal of getting acceptance into the program of your choosing and we will continue to provide support as you navigate through each step from the application to finding your first in your new career choice. If you are not sure what that career maybe, do not worry you have come to the right place.

If it often said that experience is the best teacher but I like to say that experience is the costliest teacher and it will cause you to pay more than you ever bargained to pay. It is common knowledge that people who find mentors tend to be more successful at what they do. There is an old African proverb which says if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. At CNA to MD, we want to get you “there” quickly.

Everyone’s goal is different and everyone has different resources at their disposal which is why we believe in individualized plans for each client.

We also assist clients in making decisions when deciding between different careers in medicine. Having trouble deciding between ARNP versus PA, we will help you understand the differences between each career and understand the scope of practice for each route.

Our goal is to get you to your goal with the least amount of time and money spent. It does not matter what you start with, all that matters is how you finish. Learn from the experience of hundreds of physicians, pharmacists, physician assistant, Respiratory therapists, nurses etc. who have completed the journey you are about to start.
This is the one stop shop for mentor-ship for all careers in healthcare. We connect with mentors who will help you as you progress through each step. Our network includes physicians, medical students, nurses, PA’s, PT’s, RTs, PCTs, and Pharm D’s. We believe in real life experience and all our mentors are actually working in the field you are interested in or have considerable experience in that field.